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Experience the luxury of a spa at home with Collagenetics Spa Collection! Our exclusive skincare line includes Beauty drops, serums, and moisturizers to enhance your skin's appearance and texture. Shop Collagenetics Color Rush includes a range of high-quality tanning lotions designed to deliver deep, rich color and nourish the skin. These products include advanced bronzing formulas and skincare benefits, ensuring a streak-free and long-lasting tan. The collection includes options like Color Me Coco, Color Vibe, and Color Karma, each crafted to enhance the tanning experience while providing hydration and anti-aging properties. Shop Color Rush The HIM collection by Devoted Creations is designed specifically for men, featuring a variety of tanning lotions and skincare products. This line includes items such as the HIM Titanium Bronzer, HIM Graphite Bronzer, and HIM Atlantic Daily Moisturizer, all formulated to deliver deep, long-lasting color and hydration. Shop HIM The Soho collection by Devoted Creations features a variety of tanning lotions designed to provide deep, natural-looking tans while also offering skincare benefits. This collection emphasizes achieving a dark tan while simultaneously nourishing and protecting the skin, making it a comprehensive option for those looking for both tanning and skincare benefits. Shop DC Soho Collection Enhance your skincare routine with Devoted Creations' Face & Body Care collection, featuring innovative products like the Halo Beam Cream and Sorbet Dream Cream. Infused with luxurious ingredients such as plant-based stem cells, vegan collagen, and exotic oils, these formulas provide deep hydration, improve skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines for a radiant, healthy glow. Shop Face & Body Care Solar Saturation Solar Saturation White 2 Bronze™ Butter White 2 Bronze™ Bronze Coastal White 2 Bronze™ Coconut Color Contour Halo Beam Cream Honey Gleam Cream
Salty Lime Slushie

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Unleash your skin’s potential with our top-quality tanning lotions and skincare moisturizers, expertly designed to rejuvenate, refresh, and leave you with a radiant tan.

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Explore why customers worldwide choose Devoted Creations. Since 2004, we’ve been the preferred supplier for salons seeking premium sun care products. With over 15 diverse lines and meticulous in-house manufacturing, we guarantee the freshest, highest-quality products for unbeatable results.

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