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Devoted Creations Family of Brands products are created, formulated, manufactured, packaged and shipped in & from Oldsmar, Florida.
A full list of ingredients can be found on each individual product page.
Yes! Our products are imported through authorized distribution channels all over the world. Contact Us to find your nearest authorized DC distributor.
We do not conduct animal testing on our products, nor do we ask anyone to test on animals on our behalf. All products are tested internally through Devoted Creations.
Nothing! We at Devoted Creations use these words interchangeably as they all help to accelerate your tan naturally without the use of added bronzing ingredients! It’s never fun to use the same word over and over again, which is why we use different variations of the same thing!
DHA is also known as Dihydroxyacetone and is the most commonly known self-tanning ingredient in the world. It is a sugar-derived active ingredient that reacts with the skin’s amino acids in the surface layer of the skin. It creates a chemical reaction that gives your skin a darker pigment!
Tan extenders are created by tanners for tanners. So we call our “everyday moisturizers” tan extenders as they help to extend the life of your tan by keeping your skin hydrated! Skin hydration is essential and key for a long-lasting color. Everyday moisturizers can be known as products you can buy from drugstores, where most of the time they contain ingredients that are not the best for tanned skin.
Please contact our customer support team at and we will recommend the best authorized distributor for you to contact.
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